Friday, 10 July 2015

Scotland the bread, crowdsourcing and a signal boost!

I wanted to share a really exciting project that Andrew and Veronica from Bread Matters have on the go.  I love bread, I love grain and I love Scotland so I guess there is no great mystery about why I find this so exciting! lol.

 Veronica and Andrew are both passionate about putting good bread and the means to make it (and in this case grow and mill it) into the hands of communities around Scotland.  To this end they are crowdsourcing for £6000 which will be match funded by a loan from A Team Challenge (so if they make it to the £6000 mark your contribution is effectively doubled).  They have already passed the tipping point where the money pledged will be made available for the project and are well on the way but there are only 17 days left so there is still time to make a difference.  Pledge something, read, share the information far and wide.  Bake a loaf, take it to a friend and talk about it, then tell them to pass it along. 

 Scotland the bread on Buzzbnk

  When you are done have a look at the Scotland the bread page on the Bread Matters website, it goes further into the supply chain, wheat breeding (easier than pandas and tastes better too) and opportunity for community involvement.

 I've baked with local wheat, both in bread and in cakes and love it.  It tastes of something, becomes more than just a white/brown bulking agent.  Your baked goods suddenly own a story and a history, a story about farmers and rain, the fields it grew in, the cold sea mists and the glorious sunshine on the east coast of Scotland.  You can talk about the people who milled it, harvested it, baked with it and got it to your table.  If you are persuaded and would like to read more about or bake with local flour you could try the Mungos Wells website.