Friday, 8 March 2013

On the end of indiegogo...

Yeah, ok, it has a few hours to run, but without a bizarre sort of miracle thing happening I'm never reaching that target.  I'm sad, dissapointed, of course! who likes failing?  But overall gratitude is my feeling.

 Gratuitude that people took time to read and think, some people backed my project, they believed the thing I was trying to say.  I'm grateful, for the chance to make that video and talk to all those people about bread, for the new connections I've made.

 This afternoon I made bread,  loaves of twisted tree branch sourdough country bread.  Then I took two cartons of creme fraiche and churned them into slightly tangy, rich butter.  I used the buttermilk for a cake for our visitors tommorow.  These are the things that make me happy, they have always made me happy and I really hope that someday I'll have a chance to share that with other people.

 This is not the end, just knocked back and ready for a second rise!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The family meal

  I was sitting in the car today, waiting for the squid (appropriately enough having a nice swim) and thinking and reading.

 And I thought, I love cooking, I love taking care of people, how can I do more of that stuff?  So, I've come up with this concept, The family meal.  I want to host a meal, once a month for four people to come join us for dinner, nothing fancy and it's free, but it will be a family meal.  I'm actually quite excited.  I want to start by experimenting on folks I know then cast the net further!

Friday, 1 March 2013

Gumtree and giant push!

 Oh, eight days to do!! ok, so now (thank you supporters) 5% of the way, I still need 709 people to pledge £10 each, but I'm still not giving up!  Today I posted a featured advert on Gumtree, you can see it here. my next plan is to contact some local radio stations/businesses.

 Even if you cant pledge, please do tweet, retweet, blog and post on facebook, if my page on indiegogo gets enough movement on it they will feature it on the front page of their website (massively boosting my visibility!), this is based on my GOGO factor! which sounds fun, like perhaps it should be wearing pink fluffy boots.